Reclaim, Reuse, Repeat


Rainwater Harvesting

Our rainwater harvesting systems provide treated, filtered water ready for reuse. The progressive pump ensures that your recycled water is free from bacteria, spores, and other harmful microbes.
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Vehicle Washing

Eco-friendly and efficient, our vehicle wash water treatment systems minimize your water usage. These also reduce your operational costs without compromising your facility’s performance.
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All of our ozone generators have top-of-the-line features, such as oxygen flow control, ozone output control, internal fans, and built-in surge protectors.

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Why Choose Progressive Pump & Treatment?

With over 30 years of continuous design and manufacturing experience in the water reclamation, treatment, and pumping industries, Progressive Pump & Treatment has the expertise to design and build custom water treatment systems to meet your commercial project needs.

Our Systems Are


Our ozone generators feature cutting-edge technology, such as the corona discharge ozone generation system.


Our rainwater harvesting equipment comes in many sizes and capabilities to best meet your building’s specific needs.


Water is only released from our rainwater harvesting equipment when it has been completely filtered and disinfected.


Reclaimed water that has gone through our systems can be used for heating, cooling, rinsing, landscape irrigation, and other water-intensive tasks.

Built to Last

Our water filtration and sanitation products are extremely durable, as they are custom-designed and engineered for use in industrial and commercial applications.


Our reclaim systems provide an additional source of water for industrial or commercial uses without adding to your water bill.


Recycling water for non-potable use reduces the need to draw on sources of fresh water, minimizing the loss of potential drinking water and keeping wastewater from entering the oceans, rivers, and lakes.

On-Site Consultation

Our professional services offers on-site consultation and system commissions services. 

Easy to Maintain

We provide after-sales service, including equipment maintenance, to ensure that your system works properly and does not cause any operational delays.

Our Services

Our engineers transform your project requirements into a frame-mounted, completely pre-assembled system. Features include auto-clean filtration, UV and ozone disinfection, recirculation systems, PLC controls, BAS connectivity, auxiliary water control, and pump and power options. 

Green Water Reclamation Solution

Reduce your company’s water consumption while protecting the environment by utilizing treated water for non-potable reuse projects.

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